This book is spiritually based.  It seeks to relate God and the everyday business world.  The main theme throughout is the writers “hearing the voice of God within” and demonstrated how a world-class business enterprise resulted from the “hearing” to the “doing”.  This book is the sequel to an earlier book, Speak-To-It!


Some of the insights from this book include:


· Man is a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened.

· God (Spirit, Deity, Energy) is the ultimate constant but works progressively though space-time- matter-motion (Einstein)

· Becoming a genius is not necessarily determined by can sometimes be discovered! (Rhine)

· Common or average persons can become uncommon...when inspired or enlivened by the Spirit.


Oscar Poole is living the modern success story opening his restaurant for a first day of $208 of sales.  It has grown based on its spiritual focus.  He has received the spiritual guidance and acted on it resulting on his success.   This book concludes with Colonel and Mrs. Poole attending the Republican National convention in NYC in 2004—a “culmination” of world media attention resulting from Colonel Poole’s “Magna Carta”.  Two weeks following the National Convention, two national  TV Networks came to the restaurant for two major events.


God and the Market Place
(Spiritually-Based Business)
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