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This is a spiritual book with practical implications.  It connects spirit with matter.

I did not give it its title.  It was so named by my wife, Edna, along with Dr. Reggie Johnson and Joe McCutchen.

It is the story of my life (an autobiography) revealing "conservative values" throughout.

The book shows living in the thirties and forties.  It journeys through college and university.  "There's Only One Oscar Poole" travels through a successful ministerial
career and ends with the birthing of a North Georgia legend and landmark - Col. Poole's Georgia BAR-B-Q, Inc. located in East Ellijay, Georgia.

The Eatery is known for its fine food, serving BAR-B-Q to Congressmen in Washington D.C. for 13 consecutive years.  It is a modern-day Cinderella story - from a roadside shack to our nation's capital.

Col. Poole the author, speaks for the 27 million small businesses in America having helped found the "McCutchen-Poole Small Business Coalition" and ends with a call for All Small Business Owners to "step up to the plate" and be HEARD!

The book offers a HOPE to turn the tide of socialism back to that of free-enterprise and simple CAPITALISM. Its approach is "conservative" to the core - That is the
buying and selling of a product or service in a free-market economy. "Conservatism" is defined as LIVING BENEATH ONE'S INCOME and NOT spending above one's income. What is good for the individual is good for the country!

The following is a list of TALKING POINTS about the book, "There's Only One Oscar Poole."

1. Born with and into a
conservative and frugal heritage.

2. His basic philosophy learned from a South Georgia peanut and cotton farmer.

3. Never borrow!

4. Do WITHOUT...until later!

5. Connection of the SPIRITUAL with the

6. Practical discoveries of the spirit.

7. How to awaken the
creative genius within each of us.

8. The book is a "model" for success.

9. Have a passion for what you are doing.

10. Excel in something no one else wants to do.

11. How to "call things that
are not as if they are until they become."

12. How to "SEE" things (VISION).

13. Having a healthy IMAGINATION.

14. WORK-WORK-WORK! Edna and I worked 12 hours per day seven days a week at first.

15. having an innate love for your fellow man.

16. Learning how to LISTEN to that "still small voice within."

17. Make free use of the MEDIA.

18. The book is offered as proof of the author's belief system.

19. Free to receive CRITICISM.

20. When wrong make it right.

21. The book demonstrates the value of IMAGERY. e.g.. The suit, car, T.V., the Hill-of-Fame.

22. NAMES of people on pigs. People love to see their names!

23. Public profile in nation's capital.

24. The book is "success oriented."

25. It is a continuous story of achieving goals.

26. The book does not hide from failures and defeats.

27. The book portrays the author as willing to be UNIQUE.

28. The author is himself.

29. The book is SILLY and FUNNY.

30. This causes MUCH LAUGHTER which helps the immune systems.

31. Alone - Still - Quiet - Listen.

32. Obviously, the book is written in a devotional style.

33. The book AFFIRMS others.

34. The book hangs "around at the top."

35. This is seen by the association with famous people - Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Miss America, Ambassadors...even presidents.

36. Stays "in touch" with his "
spiritual source." (Wayne Dyer)

37. Involves others in the process.

38. Contains "principles of success."

39. The book is FRIENDLY.

40. The book LAUGHS AT ITSELF! As per the dog on top of the car, the piano on the lake, and the "oinks" of the piglet.


42. It adventures into the

43. An honest, OPEN, Quest for TRUTH.

44. The book connects Politics, Business and TRUTH.

45. It shows that life is a "connectedness."

46. It is all done by a life lived in a
real world.

47. The book demonstrates the principle of EXPONENTIALITY.

48. The book is a JOURNEY OF FAITH.

49. It reveals "dissatisfaction with the status quo."

50. While others ask Why, it asks WHY NOT.

changes as it moves forward.

52. The book demonstrates an understanding of Quantum Physics and nano technology.

53. It
picks up pennies out of respect for his father.

54. This shows the "conservatism" about which the book is based.

55. The book is an AFFIRMATION OF LIFE.

56. It "sees" the good in nearly everything.

57. And, brings it into ONE!

58. The book reveals a NOW theology.

59. It includes scientific affirmations of spiritual truths.

60. The book deals with DNA; how it can be led, changed or influenced.

61. "There's Only One Oscar Poole" displays the power of thoughts and words.

62. It portrays how one person was changed from a near fundamentalist to "more liberated" thought.

63. The book deals with a healthy SELF IMAGE.

64. It deals with HOW to tap into one's spiritual-scientific

65. It supports the
idea that everyone is a genius at something waiting to be discovered. (J.B. Rhine, Duke University)

66. CBA: "What the mind can CONCEIVE, the heart BELIEVE, YOU CAN ACHIEVE."

67. There is a new wave of revelations.

68. It is a book of HOPE in a "world of darkness."

69. The book is
very kind to music.

70. That music has healing and inspirational value.

71. The book blazes NEW TRAILS as an
avante garde of truth.

72. It respects the "old" yet moves into the "new."

73. The book is OPEN to other cultures and their understandings of truth.

74. It is, therefore, "eclectic" in its very nature.

75. It ATTRACTS others of like-mindedness.

76. The book is current and relevant to several present day writers: Hawkins, Tolle, Chopra, Emoto, Dyer.

77. It is one the CUTTING EDGE of spiritual scientific discoveries.

78. It is the story of one man's pursuit of truth and how he
found it - Not in organized systems, but WITHIN himself through a FREE ENTERPRISE in a local BAR-B-Q business in a "shack beside the road!"

79. The culmination of the book is the promotion of free enterprise, the
conservative demonstration of free market values and the American economy.

To order the book, "There's Only One Oscar Poole" for immediate delivery, call 903-876-3256. 

You may also visit Col. Poole's Georgia BAR-B-Q in East Ellijay, Georgia 706-635-4144.

                                                    Col. Oscar Poole

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